Monday, 13 December 2010

From the kitchen table … part VI

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Monday morning, isn’t that a horrible time of the week? Anyhoo, no real to-do list today but thinking of what I have to do at some point are:

  • Put Charley’s tv on the wall
  • Put up two shelves
  • Sort through his clothes/books for donating
  • Make bread & shortbread
  • Washing load
  • Ironing (before it builds up)
  • Homework with Charley
  • Video tutorial
  • Edit the recording of Charley’s play and put on disc
  • Course homework
  • Feed the kids! (wonder if I can get Kirsten to cook again?!!)

I ought to add some fun photos to these posts eh? I’ll see if I can work on that for tomorrow! :)

What’s your to-do list look like this week?

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