Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Traditions

Having Bailey in our family I began to wonder what she will learn from us at Christmas time over the coming years. My mind drifted back to all the traditions we’ve had over the years. Some change, some stay and just as I think we don’t really have many at all I realise that we are totally full of them.

  • Christmas tree goes up on 1st December
  • Homemade cookies, cakes, bread and biscuits adorn our table
  • New homemade decorations added to the tree
  • Christmas Eve - New pj’s, Christmas movie, buffet meal
  • Chocolate coins are lead from the kids rooms to their gifts downstairs
  • Charley puts out a choice of foods for Santa and the reindeer along with a glass of milk
  • Santa’s magic door key is hung on the outside of the front door
  • Each night from 1st December we talk about the birth of Christ
  • For each gift the kids receive they have to give one to charity
  • The kids are in no way allowed to go into the living room without me
  • Before opening all the presents we eat a cooked breakfast, and open one gift each
  • The gift opening is recorded
  • The kids are reminded that while Santa done the physical work it was actually Jesus Christ who made it possible for those gifts to be there
  • The day is full of mess, food, giggles, music, tv and whatever goes
  • No tidying (other than wrapping paper) is allowed
  • Christmas night is about curling up on the sofa and chatting, watching movies, reading
  • The box of Christmas books and dvd’s that are only out at Christmas get fully used!

I’m sure we have more there but given I have only had 2 hours sleep last night I am sure they’ll come to me another time.

What Christmas traditions do you have?

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