Saturday, 11 December 2010

Back to the kitchen table!

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Life without proper internet access is no life at all! I was offered the opportunity to review a well known mobile company’s deal on broadband/phone line so I took it, esp with the personal bonus’s offered for my efforts! However, at first base they failed, they assured me there would be no break between my old provider and them. Erm, 5 days is not a no-break!

So who am I reviewing? What is the deal that I am going to be referring to?

 So now you know! With this package you (Uk customers) will pay from £5.00 per month for phone and internet. They provide the jazzy router and take care of it all for you, just like other companies. 5 days to change over isn’t really that bad, at this point I am half impressed and half miffed but I am comforted by the fact that the deal I’m on is unlimited download and that means I can now buy as many tracks/albums online as I like…and so can my boys when they come home!

Kitchen table returns tomorrow, I won’t drone on about previous to do lists, but be assured, the current ones are plenty eye-watering and impressive as it is! :)

What’s your Christmas to-do list like?

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