Friday, 12 November 2010

What’s your winter warmer?

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It’s that time of the year again when we are pretty sure that the mornings need an extra something to keep us warm. When my 6 yr old sat to eat his warm breakfast a few days ago, he said, “I’m so glad we have warm breakfasts in the winter mom”. It got me thinking how easily we just shift from one season to another without giving much thought {other to complain about too hot or too cold!}.
So as I found out the kids storage box with their hats/scarves/gloves etc in I mentally noted other changes that would be introduced over the next few weeks. The box of thicker jumpers and snow boots need to be bought to the storage cupboard, the umbrella’s need to be checked and put on the coat rack, an extra pair of socks and trousers in Charley’s bag for those super wet days {we seem to have a lot of them here} for him to get changed at school, and on it goes.
Today I am reviewing our food storage and menu planner for the next couple of months, especially with Christmas approaching and lots of friends and some family in and out. Food seems to be the heart of our home from snacks to buffets, from oven dishes to set meals, its all part of our entertaining and sharing with people we love.
According to Google (someone’s gotta do it!) the top 5 winter warmers are:
 1 1. We all love a hot choccy, right?2 2. The warm {and stylish} snuggly coat.4
3. My personal favourite is the homemade stew!
3  4. The beach! Need I say more?
5. The blanket. Not sure I know anyone who doesn’t love this winter warmer!
So now I’m curious, what is your winter warmer? What traditions do you have for the winter months?

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