Saturday, 13 November 2010

Walkin’ in the rain

I couldn’t help but sing the old Modern Romance song as the kids and I walked through the woods on Friday looking for the right kind of foliage for some of our Christmas Decorations. Remember that song? Back in the 80’s? Sweet!

walking for foliage (8)Yep, that’s my daughter in 3/4 trousers and Uggs!

walking for foliage (4)  The boy loves orange. EVERYTHING is orange!

walking for foliage (5) Boo!

walking for foliage We walked a long way. 200 yards into it the heavens opened. Big Time!

walking for foliage (3) So we took cover! Charley wanted to wait for the deer to come out but erm,

I wasn’t waiting till it was pitch black. Sorry son!

walking for foliage (1) But this tree amused him. And me.

Cute eh? We’ve called him Bert.

We had a super couple of hours out, rain and wind didn’t spoil it either. The dog looked like a lil rat, my hair hung like I’d just got out the shower and lets not mention my jeans that wouldn’t come off (when I got home) cos they were stuck to me so much!

The goodies we came back with will be magically transformed and shared over on The British Homemaker’s Dairy soon as I have the finishing touches to them :)


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