Monday, 1 November 2010


Today in my Sp4rk1ing world:

  • Over on The British Homemaker Diary blog is a guest blogger marathon going on! Today is Day 1 and the lovely Arya has spoken about her life long desire to be a wife and mum. Now she has reached (and still working on) that dream she share’s her story. Please go check it out and say hi to her. (The link opens in a new window).

  • I am trying to figure out how to recover from Halloween! My kitchen is like a war has happened in there, my craft room is like the mice have partied it up and my energy levels have totally gone awol. Any wonderful, quick fix ideas? :)

  • Tomorrow is back to walking 3 miles a day. Kids are back at school so after I dropped them off, the dog and I hike walk through one of the many pathways in the forest. He has a super long leash and I get my super iPod going. Peace and tranquillity.

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  • Charley hasn’t stopped singing Halloween tunes yet. Right now he’s making up his own words to serenade me. This is one of those times I wish I had the camera handy to video him without him realising. I love these kinda moments.

  • This evening I plan to cuddle up on the sofa in my cute lil Betty Boo pj’s and read a book. So far I have three on the coffee table, To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Diary of the young Anne Frank and The Notebook. I know I love the first one but do I want to re-read it or do I want to try something I haven’t read? Tough choice!

  • Charley’s new sayings : “what’s shakin’ dude?’ and ‘don’t be a dingbat’ (I think the latter is from Celebrity Juice but I dunno where the boy got it from!)

  • Kirsten is preparing for a mini family photo session. Haven’t a clue what that entails but I know it wont be me. I haven’t done my hair today! ;)

  • Chatting with my luverly niece, Stacey has me smiling. She’s one cool gal!

  • I suppose I should really be returning some calls, cleaning the kitchen and/or something that doesn’t include the computer.

So off I goes……

What does your day look like?


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