Sunday, 14 November 2010

For about a year now Charley has enjoyed playing on the Lego site testing out most of their games, entering competitions and printing off there colouring pages etc.

DSCF0065 Some days he will get an hour straight after school while I begin dinner. Most days I am running up and down the stairs because he wants to go back a page or something.

DSCF0066 Tonight, after not hearing him call after about 15 minutes I went up anyway. Yep, he is totally super glued to the screen, he is on the edge of the seat racing against the clock on a game!


When I asked him if he needed help with anything, he simply said:

No mom! I am 6 and I know what all the buttons do and I know when to use them!

Of course, what do mothers know? :D



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