Monday, 8 November 2010

Kids goal setting

At the start of each month I work out what goals the kids can reasonably aim for the following month. Whilst doing this this evening I was curious to who else does this. Do you?

For a few months now I pre-plan things for Charley that he is either working on at school, in church, at beavers or just things around the house that he is old enough to learn. I don’t have the kind of home where the kids are busy every day, I think that is far too much and takes a lot away from their childhood, and besides, Charley loves nothing more than to be in his playroom with all his toys or battling a game out on the Wii. However, there are times when he’s a little too comfortable doing this and I feel he is missing out on other things, so a while back I come up with the idea of goal setting. Nothing drastic, just minor rewards for reasonable expectations.

For November Charley is already working on:

  • Daily scripture reading from The Book of Mormon Stories
  • Daily reading/letter sounds - this can be his school reading book or his own
  • Weekly ‘testing’ to learn one of the articles of faith. He is currently on the 5th.
  • Badge recognition for Beavers. So far he has added Hiking, Adventure, Faith, Cooking and Reading.
  • Charley also gets to choose one thing a month that he’d like to work on, this month it is to learn how to play chequers properly.
  • shot

    A screen shot of Charley's chart cos the paint is still drying on his frame

    Kirsten has one too! Just to keep her grounded, especially on a school day!

    When the end of the month comes Charley looks at the initial goals we chose and then decide together how he has done. I am not harsh or too soft with this because he wants to learn properly, not just looking for rewards. The rewards are certificates. Pre-designed by me and then they get laminated and put into his Achievement File. He loves this whole concept.

Decembers goal charts include some charity work we are doing and giving away some of his books/toys that are no longer any use to him which he and I will take to the Children’s Hospital.

Kirsten’s goals are obviously different, but she comes up with some fun and sometimes wacky ideas but the best of it is, both of the kids have a direction, something to work on. Sometimes they achieve all they set out to and other times they don’t. Either way it’s a positive and constructive way for them to think ahead, plan and act.

What do you do to help your kids along?


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