Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Greatest Career in the World by Tristi Pinkston

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The first time I wandered onto this blog, my eye immediately fell on these words in the centre column: “It's surprising how many people (not just women) forget just how important that institute really is and place values in areas that ends up making their homes feel like the ball and chain...familiar?”
Oh, yes, it’s familiar. It’s all too familiar.
I’m a published author, and I’m also a speaker, teacher, editor, mentor … I spend a lot of time teaching writers how to write, how to promote, and how to find the very best within themselves. I’m a stay-at-home mom and do most of my work online, via the amazing and wonderful Internet, but I do leave home and attend conferences and workshops. I spend time talking with other adults (wow!) and when I come home, I’m usually full of the adrenaline that comes from like-minded people talking about things they love.
I walk in the door and am greeted with, “Mom, he hit me.” “Mom, we’re out of milk.” “Mom, I didn’t get to play on the computer today, but he got to play for an hour.” It’s enough to make me want to turn around and head back to where I was, where I could hold grown-up conversations and no one was smearing me with peanut butter.
But the reality is this: what I do is important, and it’s good, and it helps others to achieve their goals. My real calling, however, is to buy the milk and allocate fair computer time and to think of peanut butter as a wonderful new beauty treatment, good for the skin and hair follicles.
Children are sent to us as bright little spirits, ready to learn and grow, to love and be loved. Their minds are sharp and clear. They want to be nurtured. And because our Heavenly Father is divinely wise, He sent us exactly the children who needed us most, and who we needed the most. I can’t tell you how many times I have looked into the eyes of one of my children and wondered how I ever even existed before them. They complete me, make me who I am, and fulfil the essence of my reason for being on the earth.
Yes, it’s wonderful to be praised and admired and to have people look up to me. (You do look up to me, right? Right? I mean, come on—don’t burst my bubble!) But when it all comes down to it, and I walk in the door, and I see the laundry all over the floor and the toys underfoot and the dishes overflowing in the sink, I know where my heart really is. It’s in my home, where I can plant seeds and watch them grow into beautiful concepts and principles that will guide my dear little ones for the rest of their lives. There is simply nothing better than that.
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