Tuesday, 30 November 2010

From the kitchen table….

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So the race is on to get Christmas going with organisation, efficiency and ease. Good luck with that, let me know how you get along!!
Each day through December I am going to update you all with what I am doing each day, now this will be down to earth, honest to goodness truthfulness to the core extent. If all it does is make  you feel better about your list then job done, but I have to hope that it will give me the kick in the behind to get me doing what needs to be done! Logic? Who knows!!
I mean, if I have to do some of my chores then I’m sure you will survive feeling my pain, right?!!
Just to get things going…here is what my kitchen table looks like right now, this very minute (ok a few minutes after) so you can set the scene…you will just have to imagine me sat there, fully dressed with my dressing gown on, cos well that's just what I wear round the house!
DSCF0363{can you see that awesome branch there? I’ll tell you about that later!}
Got the vision now? Ok, moving on…
Today I have been working on sorting out Charley’s books. He has two bookcases over loaded as well as his bedside unit has them growing at the side. Must be a boy thing!
The rest of my to-do list for today looks like this:
  • Clean out the dishwasher - then load n wash.
  • Change kids bedding
  • Email Adrian to re-schedule Fire & Safety Visit
  • Do Charley’s ironing & hang away
  • Wrap presents
  • Spray branches & vase
  • Decorate little tree soap decorations
  • Order Christmas cards online
  • Chase up late delivery
  • Hoover both sets of stairs & landings
  • Wipe banister rails
  • Clean tv
  • Dust downstairs rooms
  • Get Secret Santa Swap sorted & assigned
  • Make Charley’s Wise Men crown for school play
  • Tesco run: milk, fresh veg, sugar, black bags & cheese
  • Call Mary, Mandy, Mark and Dad
  • Update next weeks calendar
  • Take boxes over to Whitecroft
  • Finish sewing Bailey’s skirt & trousers
  • Find Christmas present checklist & check off
  • Get papers together for Monday’s course
  • Figure out dinner Kirsten is cooking! check - yummy spag bol!
*Edited to strike out the completed tasks! Not too bad eh? :)
So you see, there is some  pretty menial stuff on my list today but there’s also some fun stuff. Lucky aren’t I?
Tomorrow I shall tick off what I have achieved and offer up my new list. Please feel free to comment and leave your to-do list who knows, maybe you’ll even be compared to mine! :)

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