Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Child Support

Dear Ex Husband

Today I received a call from the Child Support Agency advising me of a solicitors name to take over your case for child support. I was rather taken aback at this call and at first thought it was a mistake. Listening to the reasons for this advice I was amused to find that you have left the country with even less regard to your son.

Now I accept you have chosen to not see Charley for over 2  years now. I accept that you don’t like emotional responsibility and that you prefer to have the travelling costs in your pocket rather than spend time raising your child. I even accept that when the CSA made a mistake back in August that you didn’t rush to correct it even though I spoke with your mum and she was ‘’disgusted’’ to hear that you  hadn’t made the move to correct anything, either with the CSA or directly with me.

The fact we needed the CSA in the first place really speaks a lot for how you are.

Now, as it stands I have a case. I have been told of your whereabouts and the laws state that in my furthering this case you will be liable for more than the former amount that you paid. I have also been advised (by international solicitor) to sue you for a number of things.

The latter I am not sure of yet. I am considering it thoroughly. I do not wish to make your life difficult, I do not wish to receive more than I am legally entitled to.

But, I refuse to raise this boy alone and be expected to take on 100% of his care and responsibility. I do ok with my life, Charley does ok too. He wants and needs for nothing but that is because I am keeping my responsibility towards him. It is your turn. If you do not want contact, that is fine, he knows you don’t want to see him and he believes that one day you will change your mind.

It took you and me to conceive a baby.

That means that you are as responsible as I am.

Pay your way in life and stop making everyone else pay for your infidelities, lies and selfish attitudes. You know how to contact me, feel free to do so and maybe we can discuss this calmly and fairly. Otherwise, let the solicitors do their work.


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