Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Bone Marrow Transplant Request

Back in July this year, my niece was taken to hospital just a couple of days after her 5th birthday. After a lot of tests and messing out, Daisy was diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia.. Since the diagnosis the whole life of Daisy, her 3 brothers and my sister have changed beyond recognition. I cannot begin to tell you how this has affected my family but most of all I cannot begin to imagine what my sister must be going through.

Each week Daisy has platelets, blood and all manner of things. She copes with it so well it just makes your heart break that little bit more. She has no immunity system at all so is very restricted in where she goes, who is around her and all manner of things. She has a Hickman line inserted which I believe is for her continuous amount of meds she has to take to survive but amazingly enough Daisy just accepts it.

Our family is too close in the blood line to be a bone marrow match. Not one member of our family wasn’t prepared to donate if it were possible but sadly it’s not to be. Without a transplant Daisy’s time here on earth is limited. My sister has set up a facebook page to raise awareness to the desperate plight she faces and also to made Aplastic Anaemia more into the open.

Now I don’t understand all this medical jargon but please click on the relative links and read up on what Daisy is going through. If you are in the Uk and would like to be tested for a match I know one little girl who would be so over the moon, not to mention what her mum would feel.

Yes I know this is a big, big ask, but if I have to beg then I am prepared to do it.

If you use facebook, please feel free to click on Daisy’s page and see how she’s getting on. Her mum updates her blood and general health details regularly and I am sure that all the nice comments that are left for Daisy herself is read out to her. She is such a happy, smart and brave little girl.

I will be updating about Daisy as and when I know enough. For now though, I hope even if you aren’t in the Uk or aren’t eligible for bone marrow transplant that you will pass this request along to someone who might be.

Because I am so sketchy with details here, if anyone has any questions please feel free to email me: debbie.willson at yahoo.co.uk and I will do my best to answer.

Thank you :)

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