Thursday, 4 November 2010

5 minute makes

A couple of weeks ago I was helping to make some bunting for our local hospice. With some extra triangles left over I decided swap them with some others I’d made that fit in with the theme of the one I was finishing up on. This one is for Charley’s room, he loves bright colours, fun things and these colours fit with his room perfectly. I didn’t use a tape to connect them to, I just continued all across with the zig-zag stitch all the way across and fixed it to the wall with some fun bright thumb pins. Charley loves his new bunting and is still harping on about the top half of the wall not complete….he wants his favourite characters painted on to make a large scene, ‘’like a movie of them all’’ as he says.


Three boxes covered in cardstock and pipe cleaner handles is perfect for his lil wallet, ‘’secrets’’ and his little journal and pen. All are hooked up above his bed for easy access.


Total cost: £0

Total time to make: 1 hour collectively.


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