Thursday, 11 November 2010

5 Ideas for Christmas Dining

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Is your Christmas table one of the first things you think of when preparing for the season? Whilst making my list {I love my lists and have them for all sorts of things!} of what the whole season will entail for me my mind rested on colours. After much debating {cos there’s so many lovely ideas out there} we decided on white and gold with small amounts of red. Somewhere.

While I have a good idea how I want our table to look, I am still looking around open to inspiration. I have an extra 8 guests this year (totalling 11) and that means a lot of pre-planning. Today I thought I’d share some of my favourites just for your perusal.

httpthebirdandtheberry.blogspot.com200912christmas-decorations-are-finally-up.htmlClick on the photos to go to the blogs/sites.

2233  44  The hardest decisions for me to make is whether to go fun or formal, minimal or busy so I really need to assess how my guests are to know what will suit them as well.

Still thinking.

What is on your Christmas table this year?


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