Saturday, 6 November 2010

10 things about being a Mormon Mom

  1. You understand why the family unit is so important
  2. Becoming a teacher of all good and healthy things feels like you should earn a degree by the 10th year
  3. Giving up is not an option, simply because the Lord has made it clear on a load of occasions that He will get me through
  4. Being so tuned in to your children fuels your sense of worth and purpose
  5. Quitting on your kids is not an option
  6. Knowing that the kids have security, faith and acceptance from me is priceless
  7. Cooking and baking becomes second nature, especially with all the activities we and the kids share in
  8. Some days its hard to remember that we have a deeper understanding of parenting, some days its just so very overwhelming
  9. Accountability becomes another title
  10. Faith and gratitude override all the downsides, the tough days and the worries.


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