Saturday, 16 October 2010

Umm….I’m back?

No grand entrance but there was a grand leaving!

My computer died.


Without any warning.

I sat and stared at it for over 5 minutes.

I felt the bottom fall out my world.

My  heart ached but no tears would fall.

I felt like lead.


3 weeks later, here I am!

In all my glory!

Rearing to go again.

I didn’t rush to get the computer fixed, I  knew it was only something small that just required someone here that knew what they were doing. Instead I just enjoyed my kick back days and evenings.

I tell you, it was almost as good as a holiday away. I took stock of so many things in my life, mostly the smaller things cos there isn’t really anything big going on, not in the negative way anyways.

So what did I do with no computer?

Well, we went out. A lot!

I sewed some of the Christmas gifts.

I made some book sets.

I worked on 5 months of branch activities, got them ok’d by my church leader and now working on the details.

I had a blast with a fireman.

Get your mind out the gutter, it was Charley’s trip to our local station with the Beavers, but one in particular so got my attention!!

We cooked, baked, drawed, read, played, sang, cuddled and walked. A lot.

I worked on one of my books. The one that talks about how I got through my divorce, the one my agent is getting rather stressy about now.

I sketched out quite a few scrapbook layouts I want to do this winter.

I made 3 snow globes from scratch. Tutorials will come soon.

I finished lots of odd jobs round the house.

I walked 3-4 miles each day, listened to at least 5 talks on my ipod and didn’t forget the dog in the forest at all.

I spent time with friends. Love my friends.

I cleared up a negative situation with someone who I just totally struggled with. It’s great when we work together to grow up and be honest and caring towards each other.

I started swimming twice a week.

I am half way through reading The Book of Mormon.

Had loads of fun with our Missionaries, including the gorgeous girlfriend of one who came to visit (but no, I did not let the missionary know cos I was not going to compromise him/her or the church.

Made new friends. Love making new friends, so much to learn and talk about!

Had lots of hot, long bubble baths with beautiful scented candles and a couple of great books.


I’m not going mad on my catch up. I refuse to have a chaotic life like it has been this past couple of years. Nothing really gets done, I would promise things and then forget, leaving an empty promise behind. Those days are gone now. I refuse to allow myself to be defined by anything other than my conscience.


While I am still working to catch up, slowly, I am enjoying the ‘stroll’ that will get me there.

And my kids think its great that they still have a mom around even with the computer alive!! :D

How has your month been? What has life dealt to you?


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