Sunday, 31 October 2010

Trick or Treat :)

Every year I throw out the inside of the pumpkin. This year I’m going to see if I actually like eating it. Not sure what I will make yet, but be warned, I will be back on that one!

Kirsten came home and got all excited about our lil Halloween efforts and wanted to work on her pumpkin with some fancy face or design. Naturally, Charley followed suit:

DSCF0120Not the best photo, it was flippin’ freezing out!

The trick or treating that Charley has never been into has also came alive. He informed me that he wanted to go knock, knock a-knocking! Oh boy, I’m still reeling that he’s even bothered! I still hummed and arghed about it but in the end we went:

DSCF0114 DSCF0115DSCF0116

We didn’t knock too many doors, I didn’t want him Charley to get carried away with it all. After all, why should I pay for our dentist to go Bali? :D

A happy lil power ranger (who forgot his talking helmet!) returned home rather eager to check out his loot and dig into the goodies on the last minute Halloween table!

Next post: Homemade Halloween!! :)

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