Thursday, 21 October 2010

A Special Kick off…

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For the next couple of weeks you are going to hear about some totally awesome and inspiring articles from a host of top notch people that I know. Soon as it is confirmed I shall let you know when the posts will start. Each person has their own speciality, from motherhood to cooking, from relationship expertise to humour. Whoever is scheduled to post on the day is guaranteed to give you a rather good time…so why not leave them a comment so they know you have stopped by and tell them what you thought of their article? Nicely, of course! ;)
If anyone is interested in guest posting here then I am always happy to speak with you, the only things I insist on are:
  • Clean language
  • Inoffensive attitudes (no racism etc)
  • At least one picture or photo
Easy enough, dontcha think?

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