Wednesday, 20 October 2010

School Holiday

End of the school week and the start of half term break. It seems no soon as they go back they’re off again!

In my kids case, Charley has been off the last two weeks with a virus that developed into an infection that at one point was feared to be meningitis, luckily it wasn’t though but the whole illness knocked him off his feet for a total of 13 days. Kirsten picked up the same virus and she spent almost  a week in bed, barring some up time where she’d hop on Facebook or take the dog for a walk. I had ear ache for 2 days which pretty much paralysed me so it was only the dog that seemed ok.

But then, he was at the vets last week.

So, school holiday.

What to do?

We haven’t planned anything.

It kinda just crept up on me.

So I’m thinking it’s time to get out and about a bit.


Lots of it.

Oh and some webcam’ing with my lil granddaughter. Yep, she’s that smart already and she’s only 7 weeks old!! Haha No, seriously, Jay and Tara are now living right down south and that means I wont get to see Bailey boo as often as I would like so what’s the next best thing in this day n age? You got it, webcam!

I will be a long distance nanna.

Really not sure on that feeling! :D

Wanna see Bailey boo?

baileyboo Not the best quality but I did have to photonap it off Facebook!! Lol Isn’t she just awesome? I know, I know, I’m just totally bias!! I can’t believe she is already smiling and ‘talking’!! She is so much like her dad its crazy! Poor Tara could well be feeling rather ganged up on soon!! :D

Anyway, school holidays…what are you up to?


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