Sunday, 31 October 2010

Quick, unplanned Halloweening!

Ok so I don’t usually bother with Halloween. Over the years the kids have gone trick or treating but over all I just don’t ‘do’ it because I think its beggars glory and potential for nasty outbursts. Anyone reading the news lately will know that 1 in 3 children will be injured by an adult who’s door they have knocked on. The latest and sickest trick is to put razor blades in a bowl of sweets. I mean, who could be that evil? Yes I know there is a lot worse out there but still, let the kids be the kids, if you don’t want them at your door put up a sign or don’t answer the door, but please, don’t harm them. As for the beggars, they are the ones that get mean when they don’t get something ‘decent’ then claim it to be a ‘trick’. Both methods has totally taken away any fun for the kids that do enjoy the day. Me, I love it when the kids come to my house, I love to hand out something that I've baked and wrapped all nice n halloweeny but then that’s cos I’m nice :)

As Kirsten has got older, she has been less and less interested in Halloween. The boys are now left home and do their thing. Charley is not a Halloween kind of kid, he doesn’t go for all that dark stuff. He loves super heroes, the good guys and rescuing people. Last  year he wouldn’t even look at anything remotely scary yet this year the kid is super excited!

What gives Charley?

With Kirsten off to her dads for the weekend that means Charley and I will do something that he chooses. Kirsten already cut out some cool print off's I’d done, we’d gathered some cool recipes and some neat craft things to make but we weren’t going to do any more than that, just the three of us.

Then round Asda last night, Charley saw all this neat and awesome Halloween stuff and decided he wanted a bit of a party.

Oh boy!

So today, I am thinking my little brain off. With just 24 hours to go, a  5 hour trip to Cheltenham tomorrow (its our Stake Conference for the Lds Church) I am not left with much time to do anything.

But I will  not let the boy down.

It is currently 11:06pm and so far we have decorated the dining table, put up a few decorations and gathered all the food for the baking tomorrow and all the stuff we’ll need for the crafts.


Half way there is better than no way there.


Some exciting stuff is going on that table tomorrow I can tell ya! For now though this is what is there:

DSCF0081A cute lil mummy guarding a bowl of homemade stickers. (Tell ya next time!)


Toilet roll tube covered in black ribbon! Ha! You gotta work with what you got when it’s a rush job! :)


Family Fun is great for quick ideas, just like this little treat box!


This is probably the best ‘buy’, I got the frame from Asda for just 63p! The poem was from some site that I forgot, the border round the poem was all part of it then the bats were cut outs that were originally going to be put on the glass of my front door. The bow is added on top of the glass for a lil more effect.

Not too bad for a quickie eh? It’s far from done yet though, we have a heap more to do before it can be ‘used’ and that’s not even carving the pumpkin….and no, we aint even got that far yet!! :)

So for now, I will just sit here and continue to blog hop to some darn awesome sites that I am totally loving! Who knows, we might even become regulars! :) Lol


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