Sunday, 31 October 2010

My Halloween Table

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I am half way to achieving the request of my 6 year old son to have a small Halloween kinda party, in just 24 hours. My personal blog has more info.

So, checklist time, what is going on the table? Lets see:


  • bowl of tooth rotting sweets
  • chocolate and vanilla sliced cake
  • chocolate and marshmallow kebabs
  • chocolate chip flapjacks
  • spider cookies
  • witches finger biscuits
  • pear mice
  • homemade toffee apples
  • rice crispy bat cakes
  • invisible lollipops
  • cupcakes
  • etc

Wanna sneak a peek at what it’s like right this very minute? Ok, ok:

DSCF0102 This is just the starter of it….


  • printed placemats with colouring/puzzles
  • handmade Halloween book with jokes, puzzles, colouring pages and more
  • handmade stickers (thanks to the creatopia)
  • handmade magnets
  • cake boxes
  • cupcake cases & labels
  • balloons
  • can’t remember the rest!

If I’d had more time to plan and prepare (given that I don’t usually do anything for Halloween) I know I could have come up with a lot more fun stuff, it’s not like the ideas aren’t there, it’s all about the time factor.

What is your Halloween looking like this year?

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