Friday, 22 October 2010

Get ready for something fun

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Starting 1st November, for 14 days there shall be a different Guest Blogger each day. There is such a range of wonderful people who will talk on a whole range of subjects that I am excited to read them myself! So please bookmark this blog so you don’t miss out!
The next thing is, on the 15th November, for the remainder of the month I am going to go through a daily idea of what you can recycle before you head for the rubbish bin.
This project has been something I have wanted to do with you guys for a while now but ya know how it is, life gets in the way and all best laid plans often get pulled aside. However, with Christmas soon upon us I know many of us will be blitzing our homes in preparation for family and friends visiting/staying or even us going away. This trash to treasure project is designed to not only help you with some organisational idea’s but also to help you rethink what you throw out unnecessarily. A cool badgey thing is on its way too! :)
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