Monday, 18 October 2010

Endorsement Required

Ok you guys, I need a favour.

It’s not for me personally and you wont get anything in return.

Other than knowing you have done a good deed for someone.

I would like you to do a post on your blog or site about a Canine Partner project I am helping in. The Colour Wheel Appeal is just totally amazing if I do say myself! The organiser, the lovely Stella Hewitt has founded this cause to raise £10,000 for a Labrador dog to be raised and trained to be a daily carer for people who are sick, disabled or dealing with any other kind of impairment that means they are in need of extra help (and loving, cos we all know how dogs love us, right?).

First of all, meet Jensen……

jensen 2

Now aint he just the cutest you ever seen? And do you  know what I love about this photo? The fact that he’s so comfortable doing what he is doing. Jensen also chooses Stella’s clothing (though I’m not sure she is keen on his dress sense!!) he gets the clothes out the washing machine, he lets Stella know when someone is at the door (though she isn’t deaf he still keeps her on track) and opens doors. This is just a few of the practical ways that Jensen (and any other specially trained Canine Partner dog) works, but the effect on a persons self esteem, independence and practicability on their every day lives is just priceless. Stella will be talking more of how Jensen has affected her life over on the blog soon, please bookmark the blog, linked below and tell your friends, tell your neighbours, tell anyone and everyone!! :)

I have spoke with the gorgeous Stella a few times now, when I say she is happy, beyond hopeful, full of life, vibrancy and love trust me, that is an understatement. Yes she has down days, but oh my, this lady is living proof of the Lords work in progress.

In short, Stella was hit by a drunk driver a few years ago, she bears no hate or bitterness and to me, that is rather amazing and miraculous. Recently she has been aired on BBC Hereford & Worcester Radio Station (which is how I got to hear this story) and the lovely Howard Bentham went to visit Stella and Jensen in their home to see what it was all about. The interview was aired and I’ve asked Howard if I may get a link up to it for the blog, its actually really cute cos you can hear Jensen communicating in the background!!

To know more about Stella and Jensen, please visit, follow and link out their blog that I am hosting and running for them, please, please please do a write up drawing attention to the need to raise £10,000 whether by donation or by charity event….more details are available very soon though.


The Colour Wheel Appeal 

I know this is a very sketch posting, but until I have all the information I need I can’t really say more, but awareness is what is needed right now and I know that you guys are just totally awesome! :)


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