Sunday, 31 October 2010

Disposable Tableware

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What do you think of it?

Personally I hate it. I think it’s cheap and tacky.


It does have its place. Sometimes.

I have gotten into some tablescaping this last year and it’s all for fun, just the kids and myself, a way to get the kids involved in meal times and jazzing up the table area. It’s not like I am totally boring or snobbish, I’m really not. Here I’ll show ya:

st patricks day tablescape Like quick parties for the kids, themed stuff for the kids and last minute put together meal times for almost any occasion. However, if I was having a dinner party I would definitely not have disposable anything at my table, thank you! I am 42 after all!

So why then, can I not find anything nearly as fun and funky in fabric as I can in paper? Don’t grown ups have parties? Now it’s on a hunt down for some fabric to make my own, after all, I cannot have a dinner date and give him paper plates with Ben 10, Halloween or I {heart} you on it can I?

So, give me your advice, tell me what I can do to get into the grown up world of dining.

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