Monday, 18 October 2010

The Colour Wheel Appeal

Last week I listened to a local radio station that I never really bother with but as I cruised home after dropping the kids off at school I was touched greatly by the story of Stella & Jensen.

Stella is a lady who was the survivor of a drunk driver road crash.

Jenson is a trained Labrador that acts as her assistant.

Listening to the ‘story’ I knew I wanted to listen to the interview that was being aired the next day but I also knew I needed to speak to this lady who is trying to raise £10,000 to pay for another Labrador to be trained to do the same job as Jensen. We all know of the dogs for blind people and how integral they are, but I am new to hearing about an assistant dog for people who are sick/ill/disabled. There are 140 in the UK.

So I got Stella’s number.

I called her.

We chatted. We laughed and we hung up feeling rather happy with ourselves.

Last Friday morning, when the interview with Stella and Jensen was being aired I almost made the kids walk to school just in case they breathed and I missed a word!

Ok that was a joke. You can laugh if you want to! :P

Anyway, the interview was awesome, Jenson opens drawers, closes them, he gets Stella’s clothes out for the day (though Stella doesn’t much like his sense of style!) and even…get this..Jensen gets the washing out of the machine!


That is just a tiny, tiny bit of what a dog like Jensen can do. In all seriousness, I’m not totally sure why I feel so attracted to this lady and the dog but I am. Perhaps it’s a subconscious thought of my grandparents or my step-dad or maybe I’m thinking about the struggles my mom has. Either way, £10,000 for a dog that can make such a huge difference to someone’s life is a must.

So whilst I am in the process of setting up a fun website for Stella, I am also asking you guys…yes you, I know you are there…my stats tell me so…to chip in and either donate to The Colour Wheel Appeal or maybe you can organise an event to raise money?

More information will be available soon but if you want to know anything before the website is up then please just email me.

When I have met with Stella and Jensen (in 10-14 days time cos she’s in respite for a while) I shall update again, I shall include photos and hopefully the details on how to donate money.

I am feeling rather excited about this. I’m going to get our branch in on something to raise money for this cause and I just hope we are still in the frame when the money is all raised and we can see the fruits of so many peoples generosity and one persons life changing canine friend!


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