Saturday, 30 October 2010

All about Scott….and technology!

Yesterday we decided to drive the 2+ hours to see Scott up in Birmingham. The drive was easy, not too much traffic and not many idiots along the motorway either. Hitting Birmingham town centre though was another story, I had forgotten how crazy it is to drive round there, and trust me, it is no fun at all.

The Satnav died just as we got into this big crazy non stop city. I had not been to Scott’s new apt before so I knew I was going to really have to think back on my earlier years of touring Brum. By luck I pulled into the right street, but only cos Scott called at that minute and I wanted to touch base with him.

You see, I trusted my satnav. A lot. Too much. The mobile internet was coming up too small for me to read and I didn’t have time to change the settings, I just wanted to get to Scott!


By the time we got to Scott we were oohh, 2.5 hours later than planned! Even though I was actually IN town at the exact time I said I would be…just took a while longer to get in the right part of the stupid town! However, during that ‘lost time’ I replaced my mobile after being without one for about 2 months when the touch screen broke. We don’t get a very good mobile reception here in the sticks so I just didn’t see the urgency even though I was kinda lost without it at times. However, normal service now returns and I can once again reply to those texts that have been coming in! Late? Yup! Lol The downside is that even with my new funky glasses I still cannot see the tiny writing that Mr Google sent up on the screen when I used his maps, this could be one of the shortest relationships I ever have with a phone..but we’ll see!

Eventually, we got to Scott, we walked into town after we got the hugs done with and sat in Starbucks for ages!

DSCF0051Charley doesn’t stop talking. I mean at all!! So Kirsten' played on my phone while I sat listening and watching. It was a little more fun than it actually sounds though! :) Eventually Scott got out his new iPod. Oh boy! I think this is just about the time I seriously fell in love…

DSCF0059Only Charley got to use it first! :D  Charley loves being with Scott and Jay. His whole being goes into them and therefore I just sit back and enjoy any titbits I can get! Lol

The princess sat by patiently too, but she had my phone…

DSCF0052But she gets to hide before the camera got her!! Typical! Though her facebook is full of her posing ways! :)

I decided to pick up Kirsten’s Christmas present, the red version of the Wii. I know we already have one but Charley uses that more than us so I figured that as Kirsten has mentioned that she’d like the red one, I’d get it for her room. Simple. The down side is though, they only come with one remote and one nun chuck…in red…and as yet other accessories aren’t available in that colour. But as we have 5 white remotes and 4 white nun chucks I can’t really see much hardship going on here! :)

Birmingham is magical. It always has been. As Charley has had an Xbox 360 for Christmas (so the white Wii can remain in the living room for my use as well) I picked up a couple of appropriate games for him. He gave me a pretty good run for my money in his debate on why ‘gentle guns and fighting’ is ok for a 6 year old. Erm, no son, it just aint gonna happen! I won that one and he got proper kids games with no fighting, no weapons and no evil stuff more than game competition! Hah!

All in all it was a lovely, stress free day that meant for a little while I had 3 of my 4 kids with me. That always makes me happy. To revisit Birmingham was a treat, driving aside, bringing back memories from when I was much younger and used to go shopping and sometimes clubbing there. This year though, I will do one of those again, I plan to go to the German Market there again!

By the time Kirsten left with her granddad to go to her dads and we said goodbye to Scott it was pretty late. I wanted to just get home and collapse on the sofa, however, Charley wanted to eat. Once the food fill was done, Charley settled in for the journey, by…



non stop!!



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