Monday, 20 September 2010

Time to wake up

How often do we hear people remind us to smell the flowers or savour the moment?

How often do we do it?

I have to admit that I have missed so many moments that I always planned on keeping when they come around that now I am wondering exactly what I’m racing against. I love my work, I love the writing I do, making tutorials, writing classes and workshops. I love speaking with my potential sponsors and fiddling about on the website. I love to sit at my desk and work through my ever growing to-do list. I also love to take care of my home, decorate, make things and dance with my kids. But sometimes, a little change for a little while can keep all that intact.

Life is busy, with or without kids. Life is full of responsibilities, whether we want them or not. Life can be difficult and it can be fun.

Today I am on day 7 of taking time out of most of the online things I do so I can smell the flowers. Sure, I come on now and again but I don’t linger or work the tutorials I’m still gathering, I don’t write my books or do the blog hopping I used to. I have a few minutes checking emails, check in on Facebook and do what I need to do for my calling.

My calling is a huge one that I totally underestimated! Sheesh, it’s almost like a full time job! But I am loving it, my testimony is growing, my kids laugh at some of the ideas I brainstorm them with, I have conversations with people that I usually wouldn’t cross paths with. But most of all, I recognise how much I love the Lord.

That, to me is priceless.

So for a couple more weeks I am leaving my trusted colleagues with the website, the relevant projects and all that stuff while I just take some time out and be a mum, tend my house and do some leisure reading. I am already feeling rejuvenated and my kids are glowing with more quality time that isn’t being clock watched or rushed.

I have book reviews sat on my desk, two household item reviews to write up, 4 more chapters of my book to write and a whole heap of tutorials to write and edit…but for now, just a little bit, they are staying put in their relevant folders because I am regaining my status as a mom and as me.

Life is too short to be racing all the time.

No extras in life are important enough to forgo the alone time I am having or time with my kids.

Besides, it’s actually a commandment to get adequate rest. So off I go! :)


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