Saturday, 18 September 2010

She’s back!

Yet again I am doing lots of posts all in one go because I am just not consistent enough to do it daily or ahead of time! But who wants to talk to the future anyways? You? Ok Ok you got me!!

This week a lorra good things is going on, I had my car back last week after almost 2 months of watching it cry out for me, beg me to sit in and go somewhere each time I walk past it. It looks sorry for itself, lost even. After much let downs, I finally found a nice man to fix her brakes, check her over and hand her back. I swear I saw a tear come out her headlight! :D

So its rock n roll baby!! We (me and the dog, ya know? mans best friend n all!!) been to so many meetings, we done our own shopping, we cruised the Californian coastline…no wait, that was in my dream! Dah Ok we got stuff done. She is smiling now, I am convinced that the front grill turns up at each end when she sees me approaching with keys in hand!


Charley calls her Jupiter (Fireman Sam) and totally got her upset when he boldly stated ‘MOM! WE NEED TO SWAP JUPITER FOR A CAMPER VAN’

Darn that kid.

Couldn’t he say it quietly or when we got IN the house?

The poor car struggled to go for a few minutes, she was so choked up!

Or maybe that was just me stalling it.

Either way, I love my mini merc and am glad to have her back in the land of living!


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