Thursday, 16 September 2010

ps, do you remember…

Remember back along when I mentioned some changing rooms and a total room makeover that wasn’t costing me anything (other than paint) but was starting to look very chic?

No? Darn, your memory is as bad as mine is! Here is the link…here It’ll open in a new window.

Well it’s still not finished. 2+ months later and we are still going! We are not without hiccups.

  • we changed our mind on the colours.
  • we changed our mind on the shade of colours. again.
  • we found some awesome furniture that we are stripping and redressing.
  • we haven’t found the right rug yet. we’re hopeful.
  • we ran out of hours with other stuff to do.
  • but now the case is reopened and super debs is on the case!

So, watch this space for the big reveal…trust me, it’s going to be well worth it.


there is going to be



Yep. My very first giveaway…but ya know, it does require participation. Oh how whoreish of me to tout for comments!

But I have no shame. This blog picks up heaps when I post daily but you guys are so shallow and give up on me when I miss a few (ok weeks!!)

So, come out the woodwork, you’re disrupting the structure of the building! ;)


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