Sunday, 19 September 2010

Hey good lookin’ whatcha got cookin’

Ok I cannot sing but that’s ok…I aint planning on auditioning for X factor anyways! :P

What you up to today? Tell me what you’re doing, who you are with and what is great about your day. I wanna know. Seriously.

I am still nursing 6567 degree burns on my hand. Yesterday I decided that Charley and I was going to do some homemade lollipops, lots of them. And we did. But I got a shot of the shakes, the mixture tipped over my finger and thumb area and burnt me. Prior to that I burnt the same finger with the hot glue from the glue gun as I made a quick cake stand. I done that twice. It hurt both times. If that wasn’t enough I reached into the top oven for the batch of cherry and almond biscuits and I pulled out the shelf tray as well as the baking tray, which quite meanly hit my knee, pausing for a second to leave a burn mark before landing on top of my cutesy Eeyore slippers. Good ole Eeyore, forever the man looking out for me! :)

So I had 6567 degree burns and once I diagnosed I was not going to die I filled a resealable bag with ice cubes (which were probably the ones charley didn’t want after dropping the tray on the floor earlier in the day!) and lingered around the dining table feeling oh so sorry for myself trying to cut out cupcake holders and super cool cupcake stick thingys for today’s Munch & Mingle at church.

Funny story:

My ex is a super good cook, he would often ‘Simonise’ (his name is Simon  just in case you didn’t guess!!) our kitchen in his mission to produce the yummiest meals for us all and especially when he cooked a speshal meal for him and me every Saturday evening. However, no matter how many times he cooked, no matter how many times he hurt himself, he always, always took things out the hot oven without a towel or oven glove only to produce the prettiest blue air in fair exchange! After a while I’d laugh, once I’d seen he was relatively ok that is, but I long since stopped reminding him that he is just not burn proof, no matter how much he wanted to be! He would dance around our tiny kitchen, holding in all the swear words he wanted to yell if the kids were around, if they weren’t, oh. my. days. I tell you, that man really did understand the English slang language!!!

Just thought I’d share that.

Actually, I honour that memory to Spud, who is forever psycho analysing me and convinced that cos I don’t talk about my ex other than to Charley I must have subconscious issues. So, Spud…there, see? I don’t have issues at all! I just don’t need to bad mouth the man just because he’s my ex and we don’t get along! Lol

Ok, no pictures of the lollipops, cute cupcake cups or anything else yet, Charley boy  has batterynapped my camera batteries since he now has 5 remotes for the Wii and a heap of other fandangle stuff that just eats batteries alive. You would think that after 21+ yrs of being a mother I’d remember batteries when I buy toys and stuff wouldn’t ya?!! So guess who has to go buy an amazing amount of rechargeable batteries just to put the energy back into regular, normal things around the house? Yep. Moi.

Long live batteries!


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