Friday, 10 September 2010

Happy Birthday Dude

6 years ago today I was looking at my lil man through an incubator window.

After a rather problematic pregnancy and traumatic 2.5 hour labour, Charley was whisked off to SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit) to help him mature and cope with premature life. I had never experienced this before. The whole pregnancy and labour had a dimension of its own compared to my previous three.

So for 10 days we (as in the ex and I) tried to make sense of our lil boy laying there fighting to maintain his own self as much as he could. He wasn’t fighting for his life, thank goodness, but he did have his little struggles along the way.

10 days after his birth, he was allowed home. He was a contented baby, happy and definitely full of humour.

He has been a very idyllic child, almost everyone compliments and loves him. He is intelligent, funny, affectionate and a total joy to have.

I am proud to have him as my son.

I thank God for that, every day.

Today he is 6  years old. He’s a little man now, as he says. He is a bigger super hero. He wants to know if his voice sounds different today compared to yesterday. He wants to know if his feet are bigger and if he has grown overnight.

He wants to know if he’s old enough to babysit his niece yet. He asked if being 6 means I will treat him like a grown up like the other three.

He has so many questions.

And all I can do is giggle and reply as calmly as I can with … don’t rush your life away… I want you to stay as you are.

He rolls his eyes at me and says ‘oohhh moooommm!!!’ and hugs me.

He really is a cool kid. Yes I am bias. I’m allowed to be!


6 things about Charley:
  1. He is obsessed with anything to do with Toy Story.
  2. He loves homemade play-doh.
  3. Sheppards pie is his favourite meal.
  4. He much prefers being indoors than out.
  5. He doesn’t mind his job-cards whether he gets pocket money or not.
  6. He really, really wants to go to Legoland!

Today he is jumping round the living room playing Toy Story 3 on the Wii, checking on his Toy Story plaster moulds progress every now and again and occasionally shouting for the time. He is having his friend, Aidan over for a sleepover tonight, with a little tea party and probably a lot of noise! Tomorrow we’re off to Puzzlewood then next week he has his official birthday party, fireworks and all! **Thanks to Chris for that one!!**

So far today he is happy, excited and loving that his birthday will last the most part of a week as 3 of his gifts haven’t arrived in time. I hate it when that happens but that’s what ya get when you rely on internet shopping I guess!

images (1)Love you with all my heart Charley boy…you are my super hero :)


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